We handle appeals of real estate ad valorem tax assessments. Under Florida law, a property owner has the right to an informal conference with the property appraiser to review the amount of the property owner’s assessment, the right to appeal the assessment to a value adjustment board (or a special magistrate acting on behalf of the value adjustment board), and the right to file a lawsuit against the county property appraiser to challenge the tax assessment if relief is not obtained through either informal negotiations with the property appraiser or through proceedings had before the value adjustment board or special magistrate acting for the value adjustment board.

While most of our work in this area concerns commercial real estate tax appeals, we also handle residential properties involving significant tax assessments.

Our background in commercial real estate and land development law provides us with the ability to understand and effectively negotiate and litigate the complex issues that enter into the determination of the “just value” of a commercial real estate property. Often, this work involves the presentation of expert real estate appraisal testimony involving comparable property sales, in addition to the cost and income approaches to real estate valuation. This work can also involve complex evaluations of the “highest and best use” to which a property may be put, which requires having a thorough knowledge of land use and zoning law, as well as real estate development law.

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