Our attorneys pride themselves on their dedication and experience, and their ability to apply creative and cost-efficient solutions to both routine and complex business problems.

Every day our clients are bombarded with new and complicated challenges. Sometimes the challenges are brought on by a weakened economy or new forms of competition, sometimes by changing technology and regulations, and other times as the result of illegal and unforeseen actions of others with whom they interact or trust.

As lawyers, we have the ability to help our clients see problems before they occur, and to solve them when they do. As lawyers, we have the power to right wrongs. We take these abilities and powers very seriously.

As lawyers, we try to anticipate our clients’ problems. We try to stay as informed as we can on the business sectors our clients operate in, as well as overall economic and technological trends. McRae Law Firm attorneys constantly study the law and developments in legislation and regulation as they affect our clients’ business industries and business interests. We continually strive to integrate the career experiences of each of our individual attorneys into a collective methodology of practicing law that is client-objective oriented, results driven, and cost efficient. We use the term “boutique” to describe our law firm and the services we provide for a reason: because we strive to provide “one-of-a-kind” legal services limited to a select few business law practice areas. To accomplish this, McRae Law Firm attorneys closely interact with each other on all matters being handled by the Firm and contribute their experience and viewpoints to the primary attorney handling the matter.

Our mission is to provide our clients with premier quality legal services and to deliver creative and cost-efficient solutions to the full spectrum of business legal problems.

We look forward to working with you.