For our Florida real estate owner and property manager clientele who require a high volume of commercial leases prepared on a recurring basis, we offer our Draft-A-Lease pricing program, under which eligible clients receive all-inclusive, economical flat-fee pricing for each lease we draft, inclusive of any revisions or subsequent re-drafting services. Our Draft-A-Lease pricing program was formulated for one reason…to prepare commercial leases for Florida real estate owners and property managers faster and more accurately than they can have them prepared in-house, and for a cost that makes it impossible NOT to enroll in our program. Our goal is to free you from the responsibility to prepare your lease instruments for an affordable charge, so that your eyes remain focused on the one thing that makes you a successful real estate manager – LEASING SPACE!

Eligible clients who enroll in our Draft-A-Lease pricing program are charged a flat fee for our lease drafting services for each commercial lease, adjusted according to the square footage of the space being leased.

The flat fee charged for clients who enroll in our Draft-A-Lease program is all-inclusive, and there are no additional fees for additional revisions once the first draft has been prepared. We understand that, during the lease negotiation process between the owner and the tenant, certain lease terms will need to be revised. However, our flat fee structure does not include any services you may request us to perform to negotiate the terms and conditions of a lease with the tenant and/or the tenant’s attorney. We provide those services as well at a reasonable fee, but our lease document preparation flat-fee does not include those services.

We use our own lease forms and lease clauses. If you would like us to use your forms and lease clauses, we will do so provided that we are satisfied about the enforceability of your documents and for an additional one time set-up charge of $69 for a commercial lease form that you supply us in editable format.

Our Draft-A-Lease program is NOT an automated lease drafting service whereby a client inputs lease data into an online software program. We believe that accurate lease drafting cannot be performed in this manner without exposing the landlord or property manager to risk of unenforceability due to an ambiguously drafted lease. Each lease we draft for you is prepared by or under the direct supervision of a licensed Florida attorney. While the essential terms and conditions of the lease may be communicated by our clients to us via electronic data input transmission, accurate lease drafting also requires the ability for the lease drafter to responsively interact with the client (telephonically and via e-mail) to insure the absence of ambiguity in the final lease document.

We draft every kind of Florida commercial real estate lease, such as office leases, shopping center leases, strip center leases, shopping mall leases, office condominium leases, warehouse leases, mixed-use leases, master residential leases, and master apartment and condominium leases for apartment developers.

We also prepare letters of intent, lease amendments, lease addenda, lease extension agreements, lease termination agreements, early lease termination agreements, lease relocation amendments, lease modification agreements, lease options, option term lease renewal endorsements, rent abatement agreements, personal guarantee of lease agreements, corporate guarantee of lease agreements, option to purchase agreements, right of first refusal to purchase agreements, right of first refusal to lease additional space agreements, surrender of space agreements, partial surrender of space agreements, assignment of lease forms and agreements, landlord’s consent to assignment of lease agreements, sublease forms and agreements, landlord’s consent to sublease agreements, landlord’s waiver agreements, collateral assignment of lease agreements, security deposit agreements including cash and non-cash security agreements including letters of credit, lease build-out agreements, tenant improvement allowance agreements, … sharing agreements, executive office lease agreements, office day lease agreements, interval and fractional office space leases, lease sharing agreements, and any type of other agreement relating to the commercial or residential lease.

Our database of Florida lease forms and lease clauses is extensive and has been developed over more than thirty-seven (37) years of Florida lease drafting experience.

We draft leases anywhere throughout the State of Florida, from Pensacola to Key West, and any and all cities and counties in between.